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Donations to M.A.I.L



Thank you to generous sponsors, as without their contributions, we would not be able to offer our members the services they receive at an affordable cost.

Many thanks go to Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, Community Living Mississauga, A2Z Technical Services Ltd., Yogi Sheth, Faraday Metlatron Corp., Miller Thompson LLP and an anonymous donor from United Way of Peel Region.

We welcome donations to help us achieve our important objectives. Your donations will help ensure that our individuals with Special Needs have a sense of belonging in the Community. Your gift to us is a gift that extends into the hearts of very special people that have a great deal to offer us, as well as the community.

If you wish to make a donation to M.A.I.L, please fill out and return the form along with your cheque and we will send you a charitable tax receipt. This could represent a sizeable tax benefit to you and your estate.

To donate to M.A.I.L. please click the link

Donate Button with Credit Cards


Dear M.A.I.L. Friend,

Do you buy groceries, gas, or household items? Shop at department or renovation stores? Do you eat in restaurants, go to the movies or need gifts for holidays, birthdays & special events? FundScrip is a fundraising program that lets our group raise much needed funds simply by purchasing gift cards to the stores you are already shopping at. Please consider helping our group raise funds by using FundScrip, which is a fundraising program that lets you raise funds simply by purchasing gift cards for your everyday shopping (i.e. groceries, gas, gifts and household items). Gift cards are available in many different amounts at many different stores. For example, when you purchase a $100 grocery gift card, you receive the $100 card, but in addition, a percentage is donated to our fundraising campaign. 
What are we raising funds for?
The Mississauga Association for Independent Living is committed to providing our members with life and learning skills.  These programs help build confidence to live independently. Funds raised through FundScrip will help reduce the costs of programming, while keeping membership/program costs to a minimum.
How do I get started?
1.  Log onto the Fundscrip website using the button below
2.  Use the invitation code: HNBF5F or click this link: https://www.fundscrip.com/Sign-Up.aspx?IID=HNBF5F
3. Orders will be shipped directly to an address of your choice
What cards can I purchase?
There are over 240 businesses involved. Here’s a small sample showing the percentage of your purchase that MAIL will receive: Loblaws 3%, Sobeys 2%, Esso 2%, Petro-Canada 2%, Canadian Tire 4%, Winners 6%
How can I pay?
1. Electronic Funds Transfer – No Fee 
2. Online Bill Payment – No Fee
3. Credit Card – Donations reduced by 1.99% 
NEW! Want M.A.I.L. to Order for You?
If you need help with the process, let us order your gift cards for you! Follow the link here to download a copy of the order form. Fill out the form with your information and which gift cards you would like along with how many, then forward it to our administrative assistant at cassy1993@icloud.com or provide to any one of our board members with your payment and we will get your gift cards ordered and delivered to you. If you choose this method we can accept payments in cash, cheque, or through PayPal below*
*When paying via PayPal please use the ‘special instructions’ box to include details like your name and the word Fundscrip or GiftCard.
Questions?  Contact us at: cassy1993@icloud.com