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Board of Directors


MAIL is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of these 9 volunteer members below:


Manisha Smith



Bobby Chatterjee

Vice President

peter chattergee

Peter Chatterjee


Peter Chatterjee has been with the M.A.I.L group for about 15 years. After a couple of years, he became the Treasurer and subsequently the President. He is an accountant by profession so he eventually reverted back to his position as Treasurer, which he holds today on the current Board of Directors.

Marla Mohan


Marla estimates her family has been involved with M.A.I.L for about 20 years. She says back then, there were a lot of parents’ groups for kids with disabilities, but very few programs for those same kids once they passed the age of 18. Marla remembers a group of parents got together to put the focus on these adults learning how to be independent in the world. For Marla, M.A.I.L is truly a family affair—she serves as Secretary; her son, Minesh, is a member; and her daughter, Manisha, is the current President.

Elena Vertolli


Elena and her daughter, Katherine, have been with M.A.I.L a relatively short time—four years—but Elena is already one of the most hard-working members on the Board of Directors. She started doing membership work her very first year with the Board, which involved broadening the members we serve. Now, she also works on our programs and classes, which requires things like organizing permits, coordinating our evening classes, and communicating with local schools.

Sheila Swinton


The Swintons are very much a M.A.I.L family—Sheila is a board member; her daughter, Tessa, ran the summer programme; and her late son Traviss was very involved with the Tuesday evening social night. They’ve been with M.A.I.L for at least 10 years. Now, Shiela mostly works on program coordination and phone-calling if necessary.

May Owen



Alfie Smith


Minesh Mohan

Honorary Board Member